Diablo View Rotary Foundation

The Diablo View Rotary Foundation exists to meet funding requests for appropriate service projects consistent with the Foundation’s mission statement.  The DVRF is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity.

To request funds complete the Request for Funding form.  Email all completed forms to info@diabloviewrotary.org.  Requests are reviewed on a quarterly basis.

(Note: the request is not a guarantee of receiving funds.)

Download Request for Funding



  1. Q.  What type of requests are considered?

Answer: Any request for funding that has been conditionally approved by Diablo View Rotary is considered by the Diablo View Rotary Foundation’s board. The board reviews such requests to ensure they are properly within the DVRF’s mission statement and are for proper, nonprofit causes.

2.  Q.  What is the timing for approving my request?

Answer: Diablo View Rotary has monthly board meetings. Requests are considered within the next two board  meetings after receipt. Thus, if a request is made on January 1, and board meetings are held on January 9 and February 13, the board will make an effort to either pass the request on to the Diablo View Rotary Foundation or decline the request by the February 13 board meeting. If the request is conditionally approved and passed on to the DVRF for consideration, that board will consider and approve or deny the request within 30 days. So, approval will occur within 60 to 90 days of submitting a request.

Angell Awards

Matt Angell, a founding member, was the chair of the Diablo View Rotary Foundation for many years. In order to recognize his service to the club, we have named our awards of recognition after Mr. Angell. When any of our members donates $500 to Diablo View Rotary’s Foundation, they are awarded a silver Angell award. When they donate $1,000, they are awarded a gold Angell award. Each level of recognition thereafter is recognized as a double silver Angell award or double gold award, etc.

  • Silver Angell Award Recipients:
    • Sean Birney
    • Melissa Ramos
    • Sheryl Wilson
    • David Pearson
    • Jason Hooker
  • Gold Angell Award Recipients
    • Jerry Maya
    • Sean Grovier
    • Dawn Ceizler