2022-2023 President: Stephen HumbleWalnut Creek’s Diablo View Rotary Club has achieved an impressive milestone under Stephen Humble’s presidency in 2022-2023, securing the coveted Rotary Citation. This accolade recognizes the club’s dedicated efforts and exceptional performance throughout the year.

The Rotary Citation celebrates the club’s commitment to fostering engagement among its members, making a positive impact in the community, and operating effectively. By attaining these goals, clubs not only enhance their own vitality but also uphold Rotary’s values for future generations.

The Diablo View Rotary Club’s accomplishments are a testament to their dedication. They achieved a surge in club membership, launched sustainable service projects, made substantial contributions to the Rotary Foundation, and significantly raised Rotary’s profile within the local community.

Under Stephen Humble’s leadership, the club’s membership grew, injecting fresh perspectives into their community. Their innovative service projects showcased their determination to create lasting change while setting an example for others.

2022-2023 Rotary Citation Award

Through generous donations to the Rotary Foundation, the club exhibited their commitment to global progress. By raising awareness about Rotary in their community, they deepened understanding and support.

As the 2022-2023 Rotary year concludes, the Diablo View Rotary Club’s achievements stand as a testament to Rotary’s core values of service, fellowship, and leadership. Their remarkable journey inspires others to follow in their footsteps, ensuring a brighter future for both Rotary and the community it serves.