Red Badge Requirements

Diablo View RotaryDuring their first 12 months of membership in the Diablo View Rotary, new members are required to complete 10 the following objectives:


  1. Update your contact information on our website with Club Secretary.
  2. Attend a board meeting.
  3. Bring a guest to a meeting.
  4. Visit at least 1 other Rotary Club.
  5. Meet with 5 current members outside of a scheduled Rotary meeting. (i.e., meet for coffee, go out to dinner, grab lunch either with five DVRers separately or 5 or more all at once.)
  6. Volunteer at a community service event.
  7. Actively become a member of a committee.
  8. Locate and introduce a relevant speaker.
  9. Attend one of the following: club fellowship, district conference, district assembly or other district meeting.
  10. Give a speech to the club about the member’s background.


  • Hold an event which nets $250.00 for charity
  • Publicize the Diablo View Rotary in local media and/or print
  • Read the ABC’s of Rotary.
  • Make a donation that is personally meaningful toward your Paul Harris contribution.
Updated December 2016

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