Join our Club

We are always looking for new members to join our club.

Here are some membership requirement highlights:

  • We ask the you visit 3-4 club meetings and get to know us, ask questions, talk to members, and really make sure that our club is a good fit for you.
  • While attending our meetings please engage our Rotarians and find a member to sponsor your application into our Club. Please do not ask a member who’s name badge has a Red Badge sticker or a member that has been with our club for less than a year. The sponsor will be your advocate through this process, answer any questions that you have, and become your buddy.
  • Annual member costs are $175 to Rotary International and $150 quarterly for meals, which is an annual cost of $775. For your convenience we can setup your credit card to be billed $65/month to cover your meals and dues.
  • Rotary’s attendance requirement to remain in good standing is 50% attendance, we like our members to aim for higher and completely understand if you have other obligations that require you to miss a meeting. Make-ups are pretty easy to get done either by attending another club’s meeting or through one of our club’s various activities.

Please download the application, complete it, and bring it to our meeting. Our board meets once a month, which is when we approve applicants into our club. If you have any questions, please email


Our Current Application:

Download our current application: Diablo View Rotary Application (Ver 2012-08a)

Credit Card Form for payment: Diablo View Rotary CC Form


Red Badge Program

Once you join our club, you will be a ‘Red Badge’ member, which means that you will need to complete the following list to have the badge removed.

Red Badge Program for New Rotarians
During their first 12 months of membership in the Diablo View Rotary, new members are required to complete 10 the following objectives:

  1. Attend a board meeting.
  2. Bring a guest to a meeting.
  3. Visit at least 1 other Rotary Club.
  4. Meet with 5 current members outside of a scheduled Rotary meeting (individually…OR all together!)
  5. Volunteer at a community service event.
  6. Actively become a member of a committee.
  1. Locate and introduce a relevant speaker.
  2. Attend one of the following: club fellowship, district conference, district assembly or other district meeting.
  3. Update your contact information on our website with Club Secretary.
  4. Hold an event which nets $250.00 for charity.
  5. Publicize the Diablo View Rotary in local media and/or print.
  6. Read the ABC’s of Rotary
  7. Make a donation to The Rotary Foundation that is personally meaningful toward your Paul Harris Fellowship.
  8. Become a sponsor.

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